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Some have described me as “unwavering” when it comes to principles. Others say that I exhibit the trait of "loyalty to a fault" or that I am "utterly relentless” when pursuing an objective. As your attorney, I promise to be a loyal advocate and to be unwavering in the pursuit of your goals. I am a zealous advocate that does not shy away from conflict and litigation. I believe that the strongest weapon that an attorney can have is knowledge of his case. I will aggressively prepare your case for litigation while attempting to resolve the issues on favorable terms - a kind of "peace through strength" approach to the practice of law.

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 "In this day of large law firms and multi-million dollar budgets for state and federal governments, don't ever forget that ONE dedicated and talented criminal defense lawyer took on the entire state of Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Attorney General's Office and beat the hell out of them.  Who says the days of the solo practitioner and Lone Wolf are gone?  Not me."  

 - Jack Dempsey Pointer     Former President of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association


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Soon after someone is arrested, a "bond" is set.  This is a dollar figure that will secure the Defendant's release from custody.  Some of these bonds are pre-set and others are determined by the magistrate during the Defendant's initial appearance.  There are a number of factors that are properly considered when fixing bail.  Some of them are the Defendant's ties to the community, the nature and severity of the crime, whether the Defendant represents a continuing threat to the community, and whether the Defendant has retained counsel. 

The Defendant can secure their release by posting a cash bond (in other words, putting up the entire sum in cash), securing the bond through property that is located within the county that has jurisdiction over the criminal matter that has been appraised at at least three times the bond amount, or by hiring a bail bondsman.  When the proceeding is over, regardless of outcome, the bond is returned to the person that put it up.  However, if the Defendant fails to appear for court, the bond is forfeited.

A bail bondsman charges a fee for putting a bond.  This fee is generally a portion of the total value of the bond.  This represents a potential way for people that do not have enough cash or property to post their own bond to be released from custody.  Below, I have provided a list of bail bondsmen that serve the Tulsa area.

Name and Address of Bondsman Phone
Rosser Bail Bonds, 101 N. Denver, Tulsa, OK (918) 585-3521
Affordable Bail Bonds, 121 N Denver, Tulsa OK (918) 584-4500
Doyle Davis Bail Bonds, 125 N. Denver, Tulsa, OK (918) 584-6999
Jim Ringold Bail Bonds, 105 N. Denver, Tulsa, OK (918) 583-8000
Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds, 103 N. Denver, Tulsa, OK (918) 592-2245
Amigo Bail Bonds, 103 N. Denver, Tulsa, OK (918) 582-2245

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If you are searching for a Tulsa criminal defense attorney, or Tulsa criminal attorney , you need to contact John Dunn.  His expertise as a Tulsa Oklahoma attorney  and determination to represent clients with the best of his ability requires Mr. Dunn spend a great amount of time with the potential client before they are even a client - before they have spent a single penny on their legal defense - reviewing their case and determining what kind of defense to put on.  Following the client interview, Mr. Dunn reviews the police reports and the state's evidence and explores each avenue that may afford a legal or factual defense for his client.

John has assisted his clients as a Tulsa DUI lawyer, If you are needing a Tulsa DUI attorney , please visit our FAQ section of DUI defense info. Please call our law office quickly to obtain the best defense as quickly as possible.

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